The Young Eager Writers Association, founded by Desiree Brown, is an organization motivated to provide young writers with opportunities, resources, education, and connections to help them establish strong foundations in their writing careers. Because of the yew tree's long life expectancy, it is used as our symbol to represent our goal to create long-sustaining writing futures and communities. As the YEW Association manages the annual YEW Conference, The YEW Journal, workshops, podcasts, and other services, we hope to keep inspiring eager writers throughout their journey to success.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help young writers build sustainable careers as storytellers through our network of clubs, our library content, our annual conference, our insightful podcasts and videos, and other resources and services.




The YEW Conference

Through keynotes, panels, and workshops with talented guest speakers, the annual Young Eager Writers Conference provides the knowledge, resources, and encouragement young writers crave when starting their writing careers.


Clubs & Meet-ups

YEW offers fun and exciting virtual clubs and meet-ups for young writers all over the world. Check out our monthly book clubs, bi-monthly writing groups, beta reader program, and more!

Book Stack

The YEW Blog

Written by our amazing team of writers, our blogs are inspirational, encouraging, and engaging for young writers paving their paths in creative writing. Browse our blogs and discover our fun and entertaining posts!

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The YEW Journal

The YEW Journal publishes fresh, exciting stories by young writers. It's designed to help young writers gain exposure to submitting their work. Submissions are open today!


Young Published Authors

YEW acknowledges and supports young writers across the country and around the globe. Browse our list of featured young authors and discover new books in several genres. Even visit their websites for a chance to connect with them!



Trying to grow your résumé? Wanting to gain experience for the publishing industry? Passionate about helping young writers? Learn more about our internship program. Find out if YEW is right for you!

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