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Every month YEW offers new, exciting, and FREE online workshops geared toward young writers 12 to 25 years old. Hosted by Desirée Brown, Ryan Choe, and our talented guest writers, these workshops focus on the development of strong writing skills, building confidence within the craft, overcoming creative blockage, and answering the questions young writers have.



Exploring Sonnets: The New and The Old

with Ryan Choe

An exploration of the sonnet and how it has developed over time. In this workshop, we will read sonnets from various poets to better understand how they use the 14-line structure, as well as other restrictions, to suit their poem’s needs. Join us for an open discussion on structure, variation, and evolution in poetry! 

Saturday, February 4th @ 12pm ET - 1pm ET



Spark Creativity: Generative Workshop

with Desirée Brown

Presenter Desirée Brown from Young Eager Writers will guide participants through fun, easy, and inspiring writing exercises. These activities should jump-start creativity and build writing skills in teens and young adults.

Monday, February 6th @ 6pm ET - 7pm ET


Host a workshop with YEW!

YEW is interested in writers and organizations passionate about aiding young writers and their craft. Tell us how your workshop can help us achieve our mission!

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