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YEW is dedicated to promoting young authors who have published their work. Whether you are traditionally or independently published, we believe it is a grand accomplishment that should be celebrated! Browse through our young authors, check out their books, follow them on social media, sign up for their newsletters, and even reach out to them!

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Deborah Olatunji

Deborah is an accomplished writer, poet, education activist, and friend. Unleashing Your Innovative Genius: High School Redesigned is a "three-part advice book on the best ways to inspire creativity and jumpstart learning, all with the hope of education reform." She wrote this book because she is obsessed with helping people unlock their potential and realize just how powerful they are.

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Millie Florence

Millie is an adventurous homeschooler who published her first book, Honey Butter, at age thirteen. She loves sushi, zip lines, and just about all things yellow. Millie lives in a picturesque blue house in the woods with her parents and four siblings and a varying amount of cats and chickens. Whenever you need a good excuse not to clean your room, check out her interview on NPR’s WSIU or visit her website.

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Mel Torrefranca

Mel Torrefranca is a high school YouTuber and author from Northern California. She releases her YA magical realism novel, LEAVING WISHVILLE. Mel enjoys music, badminton, and photography. She spends a majority of the night with a cup of peppermint tea, contemplating the value of human existence. 

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Hannah Lin Kernal

Hannah is an English student at UCLA, as well as a competitive ballroom dancer, singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and betta fish mom. She also has a blog she has dubbed "Just a Musing Student." She wrote We Pretend They're Fireworks because she has a deep passion for mental health and has had many experiences with the fictional events that take place in the book.

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Nathan Nicolau

Ever since a young age, Nathan has been captivated by stories and how they shape us. This led him to pursue a Screenwriting degree from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He writes film/music articles, fiction, and poetry. His work can be found on as Filmed in Ether, Rokku PankuBetween the Frames, and Medium. He is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Creative Writing at the UNC-Charlotte.

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Abigail Ann

A self-published author by fourteen, Abigail is the author of The Anomaly of Ellen Chen and Weird Part: A Collection of Poems, both available on Amazon. Now fifteen, she is actively participating in the writing community and brainstorming her next project.

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Bonnie Synclaire

Bonnie Synclaire is a state-title award-winning writer and author of THE GENESIS FILES thriller series, published when she was 16 years old, and the BLUE VALLEY NIGHTS Young Adult realistic fiction series. She was featured in TribLive and Saturday Light Brigade's Youth Express Radio. The highly anticipated sequel to ROGUE, INCOGNITO, made the Top 100 New Release Chart on

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Michael Harris

Michael got his master's in Urban Ministry. His hopes with writing is to use his words to inspire the youth. Writing has been a big part of his life since he was a junior in high school. The genre Michael enjoys writing for is youth dystopian. His ultimate goal is to publish his works of fiction. Check in with him every week to read a new chapter of his story!

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    Louise Marie Miller

    Louise is a 12-year-old flutist, soccer player, cross country runner, and author of three chapter books in her Magic Charms book series. Through writing and speaking publicly about her journey as a young author, Louise hopes to inspire other young minds to read, write, and pursue their dreams. She has used her book sale proceeds to make donations to the non-profit organizations K9s for Warriors and MIRA USA.

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      B. C. Hedlund

      B. C. Hedlund is an emerging novelist and short story writer. She currently lives in Connecticut with her family, and is a busy high schooler and musician. She is fascinated with inspiration derived from the small things in life, and her work focuses on turning the ordinary into the unordinary. Her book, Cosigned to Oblivion, is available on Amazon.

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        McCaid Paul

        McCaid Paul is 16 years old and lives on a farm in a rural community in Northwest Florida. In first grade, he learned to journal, which developed into a love of writing. His short story, "The Whispering Woods, was featured in the Teen Author anthology, Many Times, Many Ways. Buried Truths is his third novel. 

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          Naomi Kenyon

          Naomi Kenyon is a YA Christian author who published her debut novel—Like A Feather—in June of 2020. Naomi grew up in NYS with her big family of seven brothers and three sisters. Like A Feather follows the contemporary fantasy story of a young girl—Penelope Rosewood—who has the ability to fly. Sam Caleb moves next door and instantly finds himself drawn to the closed off girl.

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          Sowon Kim

          Sowon Kim, born in South Korea, is an author, translator, and social entrepreneur. When she is not typing on her keyboard, Sowon can be seen swimming, surfing, learning foreign languages, or translating for Lost Island Press. Sowon started writing her debut novel, A Gleaming Shard of Glass, at the age of thirteen, and published it at fifteen. She also translated Leaving Wishville when she was fourteen years old.

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          Josie Miller

          Josie is a novelist who enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen. She also hosts a podcast all about writing called "Write Night" with the belief that everyone should have access to good, funny writing advice. She lives in the mountains where, surprisingly, they do in fact have internet connection. She's working to make her dream of being a successful author come true and hopes you'll go along on that journey with her.

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          Nina Martineck

          Nina published her first novel, The Knowers, at age seventeen, and The Eminence a year later. Her short story "The Bug Whisperer" was featured in the Western New York Young Writers' Anthology when she was just ten. She has edited and formatted #MeToo, circa 1927 by Mary Carr and Untouchable by Michael J. Martineck. She currently studies Architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

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          Katie Mulry

          An Aerospace Engineering major at the University of Texas at Austin, Katie is the author of the two novels of the Colonized series. She wrote Colonized at fourteen and published it at sixteen; now, at eighteen, she published the sequel, Pioneered. Katie has interned with NASA through the SEES program and currently shares her love for space as a Back to Space Student Ambassador.

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          Deborah Rose


          Deborah Rose Green at seventeen published her first novel, Dragon Pearls, a fantasy adventure with dragons and elves and trolls and magic! She's currently working on a sequel which is a fantasy romance.

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          Ceitidh-Eibhlin MacGregor

          Ceitidh (Katie) is a self-proclaimed miscellaneous artist, who loves to explore all kinds of creative expression--writing, music, dance, drawing... the list goes on! Her first published work is a self-published chapbook, released in March 2020. Under 20 is a collection of nineteen of her favourite poems written in her youth--before her twentieth birthday, that is.

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          Magdalene G.


          Magdalene G. Jones is the teen author of The Scarlet Archer and the Miss-Trilogy. She is the oldest of five siblings who are frequently threatened with the deaths of their favorite characters. She is socially awkward, has social anxiety, and is glad to have the title 'author' to reassure herself that normal is an insult. She travels the world, hoping to find the stories in sidewalk cracks and in skyscrapers.

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          Actress, model, and all-around dream chaser Lariah was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Lariah's Big Dreams was inspired by a real-life event: Lariah went online to research how to start her own business and even input her aunt's phone number to receive information about starting a franchise! She's an optimistic, smart, and creative individual who enjoys science, reading, and Korean pop music. 

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          Camila Arguello

          Camila Arguello is a mindset and alignment coach who works with high performers and achievement junkies on making soul-aligned decisions. Camila wrote the book "Swipeable: Avoid the 8 Mistakes Men Make on Dating Apps and Discover What Women Actually Want." A graduate of Linfield College, she holds a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in International Relations.

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          Austin Davis

          Austin Davis is a poet and student activist currently studying creative writing at ASU. Austin is the author of The World Isn't the Size of Our Neighborhood Anymore, published by Weasel Press in March, 2020.

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          Charity Balyeat_edited.jpg

          Charity Balyeat

          Charity Balyeat toured the United States at an early age playing in the Balyeat Family Band. Charity published her first book, Eleanor, in 2014 and immediately started writing a sequel. Charity also makes medieval films with her family and friends, for which she directs, sews costumes, writes script, and coaches children in acting skills. She loves to lead people to the exciting place of her imagination.

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            Allegra Craver

            Allegra Craver graduated from Syracuse University in 2020 with a degree in Television, Radio, and Film and a minor in English. She hopes to make a living as a screenwriter or a novelist, whichever comes first. Unraveling, her first novel, is available on Amazon. You can most likely find her at the beach with her family in New Jersey.

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            Riley Ross

            Riley is a poet, writer, and a polymer clay artist. She wrote her first book (under her pen name Riley Ross) Gormless at the age of fifteen, and her second book, Midnight Luna, at sixteen. She continues to write poetry and her stories for the rest of her existence.

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            Akin Isa

            "I used to fill notebooks with stories and ideas, but it wasn’t until the age of 15 that I decided to work on my first serious novel, Randouka. Writing in school and then college was stressful and took heaps of patience, but determination got there in the end. What started as an unrealistic angel/ human love story, developed into something deep, exciting and psychological that I never expected!"

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