Desiree Brown

Founder & Executive Director

Desiree Brown is a poet & writer. She received her B.A. from University of North Carolina-Charlotte and her M.F.A. from New York University. She has worked one-on-one with poets Ishion Hutchinson, Catherine Barnett, Matthew Rohrer, Nick Laird, and more. Her work has appeared in Hedge Apple Magazine, Unlikely Stories, The Woven Tale Press, Sanskrit, and The Scene & Heard Journal. Today she manages the Young Eager Writers Association & Conference, hosts online writing workshops, and writes poems for her future poetry collection.


Michael Evans

Entertainment Coordinator

Michael Evans has published three novels and four novellas at only seventeen. As the author of Control Freakz, a post-apocolyptic thriller series, he's is driven to write every day to hopefully shed light on the dark prospects of the future, and to spread the message that humans are the control freaks of our own future.


Una Holland

YEW Journal Editor-in-Cheif

Damien Una Holland is an emerging queer, trans non-binary writer that has a heart for YA fiction and poetry with a focus on queer rights, sexual health, and body positivity. They are an undergraduate Creative Writing major and Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies minor at the University of North Carolina Asheville. Their work has appeared in Headwaters, Odyssey, and Unwritten. Currently, they live in Asheville and are Editor-in-Chief of Headwaters Creative Arts Journal, helping other young writers get their footing in the writing, editing, and publishing world.


Aly Jordan

Assistant Event Coordinator

Aly Jordan graduated from UNC Charlotte with a degree in English concentrated in Creative Writing. She enjoys writing short stories as well as flash fiction and hopes, one day, to be a novelist. She strives to help other young writers jumpstart their careers through the Young Eager Writers Association.


The YEW Volunteer Committee helps promote and manage the YEW Conference and other chapters of YEW. This committee was designed to provide young writers with an opportunity to build their resumes and gain experience.

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