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 YEW Writing Group

Young Eager Writers Writing Group

We know writing can feel like a solitary art form and an even more isolating career path. But it doesn't have to. As a writer, it is valuable to develop relationships with peers practicing the same craft, leaning on them in moments of creative strife and repaying them with your generous feedback. The YEW Writer's Workshop is a safe space for teen and young adult writers around the world to band together and reap the benefits of having a group of writers at your side. At our bimonthly online meetings, we express the strengths of each other's works and provide feedback on areas of growth in supportive, encouraging manners. Click the button below to fill out the new participant form and join our writing group!

General Information:

  • Club Leads: Aastha Agrawal & Aina Aleeya Azri

  • Meeting days: Every first and third Saturday of the month

  • Meeting time: 9am - 10am ET / 9pm - 10pm MYT

  • Location: Discord (link available on the New Participant Form at the button below)

For more information, view the YEW Writing Group Guidelines or contact us at

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