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Conference Scholarships

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our guest speakers and other contributors, the Young Eager Writers Association offers scholarships to young writers to attend our annual writing conference. Applicants awarded scholarships will each receive...

  • admission (1x) to the Young Eager Writers Conference

  • a 15-minute consultation with an established writer at the conference

  • the chance to feature one piece of work in The Young Eager Writers Journal

  • the chance to read one piece of work at the conference

The application process is easy! Send us a word document with...

  • your name

  • your school (if applicable)

  • a 500-word essay explaining why you wish to receive a scholarship and what you want to learn from the conference

  • A sample of your writing (1-2 pages)


Submit your application to

Available Scholarships


Alan Gratz Scholarship

Thanks to author and guest speaker Alan Gratz, his scholarship will award 6 young writers with free admission to YEWCon 2022.


Young Authors Scholarship

The Young Eager Writers Association provides an annual scholarship to published young authors. This year, we are awarding 2 young authors with free admission to YEWCon 2022.


Desiree Brown Scholarship

Desiree Brown, the founder of Young Eager Writers, is providing a new scholarship to support liberal arts majors. Her scholarship will award 1 creative writing student with free admission to YEWCon 2022.